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About Rocco's Haus

Rocco's Haus is a haus full of love and cuddles. We started Rocco's Haus because we love to travel but our excitement for traveling always turned into fear of leaving our dogs behind. We wanted to create a place where our dogs felt at home. We had horrible experiences at other dog boarding services and wanted to create something different. We then turned to Rover and found an amazing sitter who always made Rocco and Ciara feel at home. We wanted to build the same feeling for all dogs. We want Rocco's Haus to feel like home! 

At Rocco's Haus, we provide great customer service, training, boarding and daycare services. We excel in making sure your pup is pampered and relaxed at this one of a kind all-inclusive resort.


Our goal is to make every dog feel at home just like we would for Rocco and Ciara. We understand the value of our dogs and the comfort we strive to provide when we aren't around, so here at Rocco's Haus, that's exactly what you get. We have an outdoor and indoor play area where dogs can truly feel at home. With our bubble cannons, splash pad pool and a ton of tennis balls, there is no other feeling than comfort. We have top notch groomers and trainers who have years of experience to make sure your pup looks and feels pawfect. Our neighborhood looking kennels will make any dog feel at home, we provide beds, blankets, toys, food and water bowls! All you need to bring is your pup and something comfy with your scent!

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Our Founders

Crystal Khosla 
Ankur Khosla 
Rocco & Ciara

Crystal and Ankur Khosla
The Khosla's have been huge dog lovers all their lives. Even before they were married they each  had their own furry companion, Crystal had Lucky and Ankur had Jaxon. Sadly, Lucky and Jaxon are no longer with the couple, but, together, Crystal and Ankur have Rocco and Ciara.


They both have different professional backgrounds, Crystal was in Staffing/Recruitment for Oil and Gas companies, and Ankur is in the healthcare field. Even with their different backgrounds, their passion to care for dogs has always been the same. As a family of four, Crystal and Ankur love their furbabies and can't wait to love on yours! 

Rocco and Ciara Khosla: 
Rocco and Ciara were both rescued from K-9 Angels Rescue and Adoption agency. The Khosla's adopted Rocco in 2017 and Ciara in 2020. They call them their "blessings from the Angels." Rocco was adopted during Hurricane Harvey and Ciara was adopted during the COVID-19 pandemic. Rocco loves playing fetch and napping. Ciara loves to lick, always has a toy in her mouth and makes time for cuddles. 

Our Team
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